Påvirker innvandringsscenarier nordmenns holdninger til innvandrere? Et surveyeksperiment


Are Norwegians’ expectations concerning the future size of the immigrant population affecting their attitudes towards immigrants? Experiments from the United States show that exposing respondents to projections in which the white population drops below 50 % increases intolerance toward minorities and immigrants. Based on projections of the population composition in Norway calculated by Statistics Norway, we also ask if Norwegians’ attitudes towards immigrants are affected by information on increased ethnic diversity. Our analysis is based on a survey experiment where the respondents are exposed to different immigration scenarios by 2060. Our results indicate that increased predicted immigration is associated with a stronger conviction among the respondents that immigrants abuse the social welfare systems. However, this effect is not particularly strong. In other policy areas, such as the importance of Norwegian culture, social security, and immigrants’ rights in the labor market, we find no effects of the different immigrant scenarios.

In Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning